My Top 5 Cutest Halloween Hairstyles

Happy Halloween!

Have you ever been to Salem, MA? For HalloWeekend, I took a road trip with some of my friends to Salem, the place where witches can now roam free. We were on the road by 5AM and watched the sunrise through the beautiful foliage while driving on the expressway. It was my first time in Salem so you can image the shock on my face when the 3 Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus walked right up to our car. It was sooooo much fun! We explored all the different shops, cafes and festival tents down on Essex Street. I felt like I was transported into another world – one where witches, wizards and all sorts of creatures wander the streets. Imagine walking into a donut shop and seeing a bunch of witches gossiping at a table on your left while Beetlejuice is staring at you through the window. My favorite shops on Essex Street are The Coven’s Cottage and Wynotts Wands.  You can purchase everything from cauldrons to wands.  It’s hard not to be swept away by the magic!

Don’t let the gloomy weather put a damper on your spirits. Get into the spirit and check out these cute AF Halloween hairstyles. Which one is your fav?


1) The Instagram Hairdo – Love Instagram? #SorryNotSorry #InstaHair

Hairstylist: Ananda’s Unique Hair Design

2) Pumpkin bun – Give them pumpkin to talk about!

Hairstylist: Madz Lee


3) The Ghost – You are BOO-tiful

Hairstylist: Boston Cambridge Hairstylist


4) Rainbow Balayage – Live your life in COLOR

Hairstylist: Keegan Byington


5) Classic Spilt Dye – For the classic Halloween lover

Hairstylist: Christina Pham


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Happy Halloween witches!

Love always,

Jenny A.


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